Music LEssons


Let the Fun Begin Music Lessons

The objective of my lessons are to make music fun for the student so that they will continue to love music and want to play, sing or dance.  Lessons are an “extra-curricular” activity and if they are not fun, the student will not want to continue.  Lessons are planned on an individual basis formed to fit the each student.

Lessons Offered:

  • Fiddle/Violin
  • Stepdancing/Clogging
  • Voice
  • Broadway Stars Vocal Group
  • Hip Cat Harmonizers Vocal Group 
  • Theory


We get the student playing as quickly as possible and then start to add technique as we go.  Time is spent on sight-reading and rhythm recognition.  Theory is incorporated into the lesson.  We will work on some classical repertoire as well as some fiddle repertoire to make a more well rounded musician.


Exercises to improve breathing and vocal range are studied at each lesson.  Diction is focused on.  We will work on repertoire chosen by both myself and the student.  Genres may include musical theatre, pop, country, classical.

Broadway Stars:

This is a singing group lesson for ages 9-12. Participants must be able to hold pitch. The main focus of the group is to perform repertoire with choreography. Time will be spent as a group on breathing, increasing vocal range, diction and limited harmony singing. The main musical genre will be Musical Theatre repertoire.

Hip Cat Harmonizers: 

Hip Cat Harmonizers is a singing group lesson for ages 12-16.  The main focus of the group is to work on Harmony Singing with different styles of repetoire.  Some choreography may be added.  Time will be spent as a group on breathing, increasing vocal range, diction and harmony singing.



We will study both the Old Time and Ottawa Valley styles of stepdancing.  All Classes will include both Stepdancing & Clogging. All Stepdancing/Clogging classes are recreational.


Waterloo - Main Studio (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

258 Lincoln Road, Waterloo

New Hamburg (Monday)

From Fellowship Bible Church

150 Hamilton Rd, New Hamburg

For more information please contact:

Nicole Guse

519-577-3291 (cell)


Private Lessons

$25/half hour

Semi-Private (2 students)

$20/student/half hour

Group (3 or more students)

$15/student/half hour 

**Special Group Pricing for any Student also taking a Private Lesson**

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